A hockey team is made up of many ingredients. Chemistry is important, people in pursuit of a common goal includes many individuals needed to bring different things to the table. There are many ways a player can contribute to the success of a team.

For the player in many cases it all starts with being selected to play for a team or organization. Young players sometimes get confused about the things they are required to do when they perform in a tryout situation. Young players tend to think they need to perform like “superstars” at a tryout camp to solidify a position.

The game has changed so much and seldom is there the opportunity to carry the puck “coast to coast” to put the puck in the top shelf where “Momma keeps the peanut butter”. Coaches and General Managers today are looking for the guy that can do the little things well. They may be things that do not jump off the page but are very noticeable to the trained hockey eye.

Do the little things like drive the net from the top of the circles. Going to the net hard requires courage and sometimes that is an ingredient that players lack. Be responsible in your own end of the rink showing a commitment to teamwork. Finish all your checks with discipline. Go to the traffic areas and do not rely on being just a perimeter player.

If you are a defenseman the Scouts, Coaches and General Managers look for defensemen that can do three things. Do not get beat one on one. Make the first pass out of the zone with accuracy. When your team is in trouble in your end put the puck out high and hard off the glass. If you can do those three things you probably are a keeper.ks with discipline. Go to the traffic areas and do not rely on being just a perimeter player.

Attached is a sample of the ingredients that can make up a successful team. Positions may vary from left to right but it will give you as a player the understanding of how successful teams piece together a team. Identify one of the roles that you think you can fill and contribute to a team. Generally, it does not mean that you will be exclusive to a role or a position but it may give you the opportunity to make a team and have the chance to hone your skills and mature into a player that can fill more than one role. Be prepared and know the possibilities that lie before you. Work hard, good luck.

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