reach your maximum potential

RRi Global Agency Inc. is an international sports consulting, advisement, and management agency aiming to ensure that their clients are taken care of with professional and personalized service. RRi works across multiple sports platforms with various levels, particularly in hockey and ECHL teams in the Premier “AA” Hockey League. RRi’s mission is to create an atmosphere of comfort while working together with their clients to make sure they are reaching their maximum potential, both on and off the ice.

success in sport and life

RRi offers assistance with career development, recruiting processes, athlete marketing, and financial planning. RRi also provides insight into the various aspects of sport performance including those that are physical, mental, nutritional and lifestyle related. RRi’s team is made up of dedicated professionals from multiple disciplines who are committed to enhancing the success of its clients by equipping them with the necessary tools to reach their maximum potential.

Sports consulting, advisement, and management agency for ECHL

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