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RRi Global Agency Inc. stands out as a leader in providing high quality and innovative services to junior hockey players from all over the world. RRi’s specialized full-service approach helps player improve their skills, confidence, and overall performance on the ice. RRi also offers an extensive range of educational services that assist organizations in understanding the complexities of player development, recruitment, and special event operations. RRi’s knowledge of sports analytics has helped many organizations to identify potential players for scholarships or for recruitment purposes. Whatever the specific hockey needs are, RRi is committed to helping athletes reach their highest potential.

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RRi Global Agency Inc. has been a leader in developing the skills of Junior and Amateur hockey players for years. RRi Global Agency Inc. Advisors’ experienced and comprehensive approach to player development utilizing advanced technology and data-driven programs has made them one of the premier planning, training, and providing options for many professional, amateur, and newly starting players. RRi Global Agency Inc. Advisors boasts an extended heritage within junior hockey as they’ve helped numerous teams not just win championships but understand their skill set better through quality performance analysis, helping young players grow both in terms of ability and insight into their strengths weak points.


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