Your Path to Amateur jr tier ii

RRi Global Agency Inc. is a leading player in amateur hockey, especially JR Tier II teams. RRi works hard to ensure that appointed coaches and team personnel have the necessary experience and credentials to guide young athletes in their development. RRi also helps the teams plan for team and individual development activities, covering all items including travel, tournament arrangements and financial commitments made by parents or players. RRi works closely together with families and players to ensure an enjoyable season of competition. RRi strives to make sure that young hockey players have the chance to enjoy competitive JR Tier II in a professional environment geared towards success.


Amateur Hockey Excellence

RRi Global Agency Inc. has helped countless athletes reach the pinnacle of amateur hockey at the JR Tier II level. RRi will consult with you on all aspects of your journey to greatness in amateur hockey, including training, diet, preparation and equipment needs. RRi will help guide you every step of the way towards top results. When it comes to achieving excellence in amateur hockey playing – RRi Global Agency Inc. is your path to success!


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