Driving University Hockey Across Europe

RRi Global Agency Inc. has been instrumental in helping to create and maintain the European University hockey league. RRi provides comprehensive guidance to guide the operations of university teams, administering the rules and regulations, scheduling, financial management, sponsorships, grants, and endorsements to keep the league running smoothly. RRi has been able to offer support through its due-diligence process with venues and hotels, boosting competition among university teams in hundreds of universities across Europe.

We Are Committed To Providing The Best Possible Service And Experience

RRi works with experienced mentors and coaches to design specialized programs tailored to each team’s individual needs, making sure they are receiving the best experience possible. RRi understands that it takes more than just training or traveling to create an effective team, helping these students build a lifetime of memories. RRi strongly believes that hard work and dedication are essential tools for success, which is why it is something they continuously promote as part of their mission to promote healthy lifestyles through university sports in Europe.

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