Amateur Hockey skill development

RRi Global Agency Inc. is revolutionizing amateur hockey by offering players the opportunity to develop their skills with the best coaches and mentors in the world. RRi has created a network of support that spans across North America, providing aspiring athletes with access to advanced training and guidance. RRi helps young players take their game to the next level by equipping them with tools that can improve technique, foster team dynamics, and maximize each player’s potential. RRi also provides mentorship as they navigate their way through competitions and tournaments while preparing for college and professional hockey. RRi Global Agency Inc. has become an integral part of the world of amateur hockey, ensuring players have all of the necessary tools needed to realize their dreams on the ice.


Elite Amateur Hockey Coaching

We are passionate about our players’ success and RRi prides itself on providing individualized coaching services to support each player in achieving the best outcome. RRi’s dedication to their players makes them the go-to resource for individual and team coaching needs in amateur hockey. RRi Global Agency Inc., always inspiring excellence and assisting you every step of the way in your sport career!

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