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RRi Global Agency Inc. is an internationally recognized sports organization that provides specialized guidance and consulting services to the members of the Canadian Hockey League (CHL). RRi prides itself on its expertise, with a talented team of veteran advisors who provide personalized advice and counsel to CHL clubs in order to help them make strategic decisions on player contraction, operational performance, business development, and stadium development. RRi also has an impressive track record of industry success, having achieved noteworthy accomplishments in both the amateur and professional hockey sectors. Over the years RRi has grown from a small operation into one of the most sought-after professional sports organizations in Canada.

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 RRi can provide top-notch advice on topics ranging from player recruitment and development to sales and marketing strategies to analytical approaches designed around achieving success within the league. The RRi team knows first-hand how to best strengthen teams both on-ice and off-ice within this competitive sports environment. RRi brings over two decades of experience to successfully prop up championship teams in Canada.

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We strive to make the experience of playing within the CHL – Canadian Hockey League the most enriching and rewarding experience for our players, pushing each athlete to reach beyond their expectations. RRi supports each player through our comprehensive assessment tracking systems, giving them insight into where they can excel both in their game as well as in their own personal growth. Our coaches are highly qualified professionals who prioritize not only safety requirements but also encourage a strong work ethic from every player under RRi Sports Advisors’ care. RRi believes that with hard work, dedication and drive, everyone can realize their maximum potential in order to succeed on and off the ice in the world of hockey!

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