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Wayne Smith: Director Mentorship Program

There are many paths to your future, knowing and understanding how decisions and actions you make direct you down the different paths will help guide you towards the optimal path to achieving your potential as a hockey player and more importantly a person.

For 38 years I have been involved in hockey as a player, scout, and NHL executive. During this time I have had the great pleasure of seeing many athletes develop and grow at all stages of their careers and have learned a great deal from it. I have seen players with tremendous potential and natural ability develop into stars, as well as seeing players with equal billing not come close to becoming the player they thought they would become. Also, I have seen players that were overlooked and written off then forge themselves as NHL players through perseverance, self-confidence, and making good choices.

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There is no such thing as good or bad when evaluating talent. So many factors weigh into how a player develops, and even then, after putting themselves in the best position to be a player, the right place at the right time many times dictates if they become a National Hockey League player. That said, putting yourself in the best position to be an NHL player is the key.

It has been my experience that there several key factors that make up development. I think by dividing them into individual categories it is easier to address, plan and act on the actions necessary to achieve optimal results in each, The sums of these categories will be the result of your overall development and a guide to reflect on when your game isn’t where you want it to be.

Empowering Athletes through Personalized Hockey Mentorship

As you view the categories I outline, it is important to also form your own views in each of the individual areas. Once you have had time to review and generate your own opinion on each, we will meet to discuss them. During the meeting, I will address any concerns I have with your choices by advising and educating you about alternatives that I feel are crucial for you to consider. At the end of the day, you have to take ownership of the results of the plan. You will have me supporting you as well as your family, close friends, and coaches. All those assets will be helpful, but only if you are true to yourself and committed.

While I am looking forward to helping you and watching your progression, I do ask that we are totally truthful with each other. If I ask something, tell me the truth. Anything that we discuss will remain between us unless you choose to share it. I don’t want you to worry that I am going to be mad, go running to your parents or coaches, or give up on you by you telling me the truth. I am here to support you and help you. I have your best interests in my mind and like anyone, there will be times when I share with you that my judgment was mistaken as well. I truly believe you will look back on this experience as a great one and helpful one.

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