Advanced Hockey Scouting Services

RRi Global Agency provides scouts with an opportunity to scout hockey in a professional environment.  RRi uses analytics, advanced scouting techniques, and field evaluations to enable scouts to gain a comprehensive understanding of potential Hockey prospects on and off the ice. RRi’s team of professionals knows what it takes for athletes on the ice. RRi’s team understands that being able to recognize and evaluate talent is important for clubs, teams, and individual sports, which is why RRi provides a platform for Scouts to do their job better – from amateur through professional hockey. RRi promises unbiased recommendations across all levels of talent testing from elite development teams, Junior A Leagues, Major Junior leagues, Professional Teams, European Teams up to and including NHL teams. With RRi Global Agency at your disposal the search for talented Hockey players just got easier!

One-on-one Support

We understand the tremendous potential for growth that scouting hockey services provides, and work with each client to develop highly customized plans, whether it's promoting their players or resources that could spur significant growth in the sport.

Hockey Scout Strategies

Our team of experts employ innovative scouting strategies to assess current and future NHL prospects, to ensure our clients get a competitive advantage of finding the best emerging talent available.

Scouting Reports

RRi provides scouting reports, evaluations, and background information about potential players that are accurate, fast, and cost-effective.

Experienced Hockey Player Scouts

RRi’s team of experienced advisers provide an extensive network of contacts and extensive database of talent, allowing Premier League teams to find the best candidates for their roster. RRi scouts have years of experience evaluating player potential and statistic analysis, helping teams create their perfect line-up. RRi has become a cornerstone in the hockey scouting community, and its expertise ensures that the future of hockey is bright.

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