We Are Changing The Game Of Women's Hockey

RRi Global Agency Inc. is making a major impact in the world of women’s hockey, with an impressive track record of successes at the amateur level. RRi provides training and education to young hockey players around the world, imparting to them skills and techniques needed for success on the rink. RRi works with elite coaches in order to give athletes access to quality instruction that can help them reach their maximum potential as a player. RRi also aids athletes in their development by providing nutritional advice, professional and mental preparation, as well as goal setting strategies. RRi’s commitment to helping women’s hockey continues to revolutionize the sport at all levels, from novice clubs all the way up to national teams.

Women's amateur Level Hockey

RRi is leading the charge in developing a new and improved game of women’s hockey, with a focus on professional development, skill building and education. RRi offers unique sports advisory services to female athletes and coaches, helping them have better access to resources that can give them a competitive edge both on and off the rink. RRi is dedicated to ensuring that girls’ teams from all levels have the support they need to play at their best through mentorship, educational seminars, skill-building workshops and more. RRi encourages young girls who dream of playing at higher levels to reach for their goals – because we know when given the opportunity, girls are more than capable of changing the game!

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