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RRi Global Agency Inc. is a leading sports and talent management firm that provides elite competitive analysis and counseling for athletes who are members of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL). RRi’s goal is to maximize athletes’ success by connecting them with resources and opportunities that will help them further their personal and professional ambitions. RRi offers services such as pre-draft evaluation, recruit planning, player options, and negotiation assistance with clubs and players to ensure every avenue is explored to ensure an optimal deal. RRi’s expertise goes beyond just advising, they also provide necessary guidance to ensure each athlete meets all of their expectations both on-the-ice and off-the-ice – from academic requirements to setting realistic goals both on and off the ice in order to reach their full potential. RRi’s team of experienced advisors will work with you through every step—from signing a major contract to the end of the season and beyond—to guarantee you reach your dreams.

OHL guidance

RRi knows that it takes hard work and determination to reach the upper echelons of sports and they believe each athlete should have access to join in the dream of athletic excellence by having a leading edge shoulder-to-shoulder with RRi’s best advisors at their side every step of the way. RRi makes your athlete’s dreams part of their own success story – Our business is your success!

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