female athlete development

RRi Global Agency Inc. is devoted to providing excellent opportunities and guidance for female athletes who compete in College Hockey at the NCAA level. RRi has an experienced team of specialized advisors who assist young athletes with their individual academic, athletic and mental preparation for success. RRi understands the importance of personal attention for each athlete; therefore, RRi provides a fully rounded approach that includes individualized training services and realistic planning from youth sports through college eligibility. 

collegiate hockey advisors

RRi Global Agency Inc. provides athletes with tailored advice for success in Collegiate Hockey and other sports related activities at the NCAA National Collegiate Athletic Association level. RRi’s experienced team of advisors has had success guiding players to the next level of their athletic career, helping them to navigate decisions regarding college eligibility, school selection and financial aid. RRi offers services to support the growth and development of amateur hockey players who are looking to make a successful transition into college hockey – they provide goal setting sessions, player assessments, educational support and more! 

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