female athlete specialists

RRi Global Agency Inc. is a comprehensive advisory firm that specializes in amateur hockey and female collegiate sports advice. RRi provides everything from recruiting services, to building relationships with coaches at the American Hockey Coaches Association (AHCA) level. RRi emphasizes collaboration between its passionate advisors, clients, and the diverse network of collegiate hockey coaches they offer insight into. RRi helps to identify college opportunities for student athletes while helping them stay on track academically as well. 

ACHA female hockey guidance

At RRi Global Agency Inc., our goal is to educate athletes and their families about the opportunities and experiences available both domestically and internationally in which we seek to provide information, guidance, and support that is relative to one’s personal situation. At RRi, we strive to work closely with athlete’s, as well as their family to establish a “roadmap” that allows the athlete to work toward their goals and aspirations within the game. Our connections within North America and abroad may work for you in pursuit of amateur, university/college or professional hockey.


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