nhl level advancement

RRi Global Agency Inc. are the leading name in advancing players to the highest level of hockey – the NHL. RRi Global Agency Inc. Advisors have been working with young athletes for almost a decade, helping them reach their goals of playing in the best professional leagues worldwide. RRi has helped revolutionize the way teams scout and develop new talent for the NHL by creating a wealth of data about player performance and ability. RRi works endlessly to ensure that every player reaches their ultimate potential and succeeds at playing elite hockey, as well as furthering their professional career. RRi’s dedication and passion make them an invaluable asset when it comes to assisting aspiring NHL prospects to make it to “The Show”.


Athlete Development Is Our Passion

RRi’s approach has revolutionized athlete development and could be the difference between an average career and a successful one. RRi is committed to helping each athlete secure top-level placements and accelerate their career through proper preparation and diligent guidance. The RRi team provides unmatched support to ensure that each player they coach has what it takes to make it in the NHL.

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