Successfully Navigate The College Sports Recruiting Process

RRi Global Agency Inc. is a comprehensive advisory firm that specializes in amateur hockey and collegiate sports advice. RRi provides everything from recruiting services to building relationships with coaches at the American Hockey Coaches Association (AHCA) level. RRi emphasizes collaboration between its passionate advisors, clients, and the diverse network of collegiate hockey coaches they offer insight into. RRi helps to identify college opportunities for student athletes while helping them stay on track academically as well. RRi has a team of experts that have been working with student-athletes like yourself for years to ensure successful recruitment into the best colleges and universities across the nation. RRi’s commitment to helping student-athletes pursue their dreams and reach their potential has made them a trusted name in the amateur hockey industry.

changing the game for student athletes

RRi’s team of experienced advisors have the knowledge and expertise to help athletes maximize their skills and increase their exposure to college coaches through various pathways, such as high school camps, shows and events, and private sessions. RiRi’s advisors also have excellent connections in the AHCA (American Hockey Coaches Association) which allows them to demonstrate talent directly at a variety of high-level collegiate programs throughout North America. RRi’s team focuses on helping each athlete identify his or her post-secondary goals while providing the necessary guidance needed to help them reach those goals. RRi Global Agency Inc are helping athletes achieve greatness in college athletics by supporting them with their recruitment needs.

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