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RRi Global Agency Inc. is the premier agency for hockey athletes in North America, providing unparalleled services to help them progress their game and career. RRi’s professionals manage some of the best CHL, Western Hockey League, and other hockey leagues can offer. RRi agents have negotiated successful contracts for a large number of players in both professional and amateur leagues all over the continent. With RRi, athletes will be provided with unparalleled support throughout their hockey journey, allowing them to reach their potential both on and off the ice. RRi Global Agency Inc. strives to provide an unrivaled resource of knowledge to give athletes a step up in the competition and endow them with lifelong success.

sports development

 RRi has a wealth of knowledge and experience to help guide athletes through the tumultuous nature of organized sports, making sure you’re prepared with the right team, the right sponsors, and ultimately, success! RRi guides athletes through career-based decisions starting from youth programs all the way up to professional leagues. RRi provides athletes with all the resources they need – whether it is for game-scheduling, analyzing player stats, or financial advising – they make sure you’re ready to take on every challenge. RRi is also knowledgeable about all facets of sports media and marketing in order to provide athletes with world-class opportunities both on and off-field.

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