Setting An Industry-Wide Precedent For Success

One such example of RRi’s success comes in the form of SPHL – Southern Professional Hockey League. RRi has provided premiere strategic guidance to US-based teams in this league over the past several years, boasting impressive growth numbers in terms of ticket sales, sponsorship opportunities and program promotion that stand as a testament to RRi’s commitment to excellence. RRi provides a wealth of knowledge for their clients, offering custom consultancy services that are tailored to each organization’s individual needs and goals. RRi Global Agency Inc.’s dedication to serving their clients sets an industry-wide precedent for success.

The Global Leader In Sports Performance And Athlete Management

RRi’s impressive client roster includes Olympic teams, professional sports franchises, national sports organizations, universities, and even some high-profile individual athletes. RRi has set a standard for excellence with their breadth of knowledge and ability to create and deliver meaningful results through innovative strategies. RRi continues to provide industry-leading service by staying at the forefront of technology, trends, and opportunities utilizing cutting edge analytics to advise on strategy, personnel selection decisions, contract negotiations, commercialization opportunities, partnership formation, and more.

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