ahl expertise

RRi is dedicated to helping athletes reach their dreams of playing in major leagues, such as the American Hockey League (AHL). RRi’s comprehensive array of services includes scouting, player placements, organizational and marketing advice, recruit training, and specialized camps. RRi assigns an individual advisor to each athlete and goes above and beyond the typical coaching relationship by offering unique programs for each player to help enhance their game.

securing ahl contracts

RRi’s clients have an important advantage due to the access RRi provides to other decision-makers and support staff, who all contribute significantly to RRi’s success in securing potential contracts for its clients. RRi also works diligently with athletes on physical conditioning and mental preparation, helping them create a positive outlook to tackle any obstacle that could alter their mindset going into tryouts or interviews. RRi is committed to providing high quality customer service while helping athletes realize their full potential.

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