Effective Hockey Defence Coaching

RRi Global Agency is a renowned coaching service dedicated to hockey players wanting to specialize in the Defence position. RRi offers individual and team consultations that develop your skills to a competitive level. RRi’s passionate staff work tirelessly to make sure you get the appropriate guidance, spot-on feedback and the competitive edge needed to be an outstanding player. RRi has worked with organizations across the map providing specialized Defensive coaching for professional teams too. RRi knows how to help hockey players reach their greatest potential!

Defence strategies

RRi coaches specialize in leveraging specific drills and techniques to teach players the fundamentals of defence and how to work best as a team. RRi understands that in order to succeed, players must have an understanding of positional concepts and strategies, so their coaching emphasizes those principles. RRi’s coaches strive to create an environment where all players are given equal opportunity and the necessary tools to apply these principles on the ice. Through RRi’s comprehensive approach, winning is not just an end goal, but rather an expectation for each practice and game. With RRi’s experienced coaches and specialized technique, defence hockey players will be able to reach their full potential and play a critical role in their teams’ success.

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