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RRi Global Agency Inc. is a growing hockey consulting firm that offers invaluable services to amateur and professional hockey teams, leagues, and associations across the globe. Our hockey advisors work directly with individual athletes as well as organizations to create customized blueprints for improvement as well as long-term success. We strive to combine knowledge, and expertise in order to craft strategies that help athletes reach their full potential on and off the ice. Our team is composed of powerhouse directors from the NHL, AHL, USHL, NCAA D1 level clubs and beyond who have an extensive background in elite hockey throughout North America and Europe. With RRi Sports Advisors at your side, you are guaranteed a professional approach to guide you on the path of success within whatever sphere of hockey competitiveness you find yourself: amateur or pro.


Hockey Advisors

Our advisors will work closely with you to develop and maintain an effective training program, optimize player positioning, increase tactical awareness and help identify top talent.


Professional Sports Advisors

At RRi, our team of experienced advisors and trainers provide customized advice and services to athletes of all ages and calibers.


Player Management

RRi provides support for teams by creating Coaches Education Programs as well as offering general consulting services.

Hockey Advisor Company With Successful Player Management

RRi Global Agency Inc. is a North American hockey advisory company devoted to helping coaches and athletes reach their full potential. With a unique three-step process, RRi Sports has created an innovative way to increase their clients’ development and performance ability. The first step includes analysis of data and scouting resources that provide insights into strengths and weaknesses for the client. Next, RRi Sports details objectives and career goals for both coaches and athletes in order to develop personal plans tailored to each individual’s needs. Finally, the team documents progress levels over consecutive time periods, giving insight into player/coach improvement. RRi Sports provides a revolutionary hockey experience that will continue to inspire athletes and coaches alike.

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