Women's Hockey Agents in Bertrand, New Brunswick

RRi Global Agency Inc. is a leading hockey advisory firm dedicated to promoting excellence in representation for women’s hockey agents and advisors in North America, with a strong focus on honesty and integrity. The firm offers a variety of services aimed at helping female hockey players succeed and grow professionally.

Hockey Agency

RRi Sports Advisors International Inc., one of North America’s leading hockey agent agencies, is committed to helping their clients navigate the complex contract negotiations process.

Professional Women's Sports Agents

RRi Sports Advisors International Inc. is your go-to for all your hockey agent needs and legal consultation in North America. After extensive experience representing numerous professional hockey players and leveraging their unique relationships with NHL teams, the team at RRi brings deep expertise to the field of athlete representation.

Player Management

We specialize in professional hockey players, providing them with essential management and endorsement services.

Women's Hockey Agent Firm

RRi Global Agency Inc. is a North American hockey advisory company committed to empowering women’s hockey coaches and athletes to reach their full potential. With a three-step process, RRi Sports has created a new and effective way to enhance their clients’ development and performance. The first step involves analyzing data and scouting resources to identify strengths and weaknesses. Then, RRi Sports establishes goals and career objectives for each coach and athlete, allowing for personalized plans tailored to their individual needs. Finally, the team tracks progress levels over time, providing insights into player and coach improvement. RRi Sports is revolutionizing the world of women’s hockey and providing a dynamic experience that will continue to inspire female athletes and coaches.

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