Young Players………
Food for Thought

I received great advice for aspiring young players from an NHL Scout. Thoughts for players to review as they pursue their dreams. If you are a young player aspiring to the next level or to the highest level in the game, take the time to read this advice from the decision makers that ultimately affect your future. No matter the level you are shooting for, this advice remains crystal clear.

Good luck in pursing your dream!


Would he/she represent our organization well,
(including social media)?

Is he/she low maintenance?

Does he/she consistently put the team ahead of their self?

Does he/she have average or above average hockey IQ?

Does he/she go as hard in practice as he/she does in a game?

Does he/she have the ability to judge her ability/performance realistically/honestly?

Does he/she take tips, ask questions, listen, admit errors, and correct them without excuses, show that he/she wants to learn?

Does he/she never give up? For example, takes a check, gets back into the play quickly, tries and tries again in a practise or a game.

Has he/she learned to control his temper does not needlessly retaliate after a hit or a setback?

Does the player constantly work on the ice, is he/she in on the action, always after the puck, the check, or the goal? Does he/she make things happen; does he/she give a little extra when it is important?

Does he/she plan, evaluate, and positively correct with line mates on the bench, encourages others, passes to better positioned players on the ice?

After a mistake, a goal against, or a coach’s criticism, does he/she come back with a strong shift, make the right moves, stay in the play of the game, and tries harder to correct or make up for the mistake.

Has he/she learned to perform in a big game as well as in a normal game? Does he/she produce in tight situations or close games, does he make a big play when needed?

Has he/she learned to stay motivated, come back and play well after a setback, mistake, missed chance, a bad call against them or the team?

Has he/she learned to react to the referee, the coach, teammates, and fans in a mature and positive way, particularly in big games?

Has he/she learned to adapt to the stress of success, travel and playing with different players without negative effects on his/her attitude or play?

Has he/she learned to stay cool and confident under pressure? Is he/she moody and unpredictable? Can he/she maintain concentration on getting the job done in pressure situations?

Does he/she pursue activities both in and out of season to maintain conditioning and improve skills? For example, fitness training, power skating, puck skills and shooting just to mention a few

Can we win with this player in our lineup?


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